The Features Of A Nova Fire Pit Table

An outdoor get-together can be uncomfortable on cool days. Now you can solve this problem with a stylish nova fire pit table.

Extra information about nova fire pit table

It is a highly functional device that solves the problem of cold in an outdoor setting. Enjoy your meetings with the family members and friends in your garden better when you have this table in place. It can also be installed in the indoor areas but make sure effective ventilation is in place.. 

Different Models

Nova makes a wide range of fire pit tables for different requirements. These devices are covered under different collections. Some of these collections include Thalia, Leeanna, Carolina, Camilla, Isabella, Skylar, Heritage Hampton, Ciara, Extending Ciara, Deluxe Extending Ciara, Heritage Chelsea, Cambridge, Vogue Sofa, Vogue Casual, Compact Vogue, Alessandria, and many others. All these devices have a variety of features to suit different applications, demands and preferences. First determine your requirements for the fire pit table. This will make it easy to choose the right Nova model quickly.

Stunning Designs

Nova has been making these tables for long so it understands the requirements of its customers well. The table has a stylish design. It matches well with both fabric and aluminium furniture. The stunning table offers a practical solution to spend time together with your family members in the garden. Use it when weather is cool. It is perfect for the autumn months and the cool summer evenings. The area around it receives added heat and light. When not being used, cover the table with its lid and this table becomes the perfect dining table.

Other Features

The product comes with a wind guard that prevents anyone burning the finger from the flames. It also prevents the flames blowing over the table.  the gas operated fire pit table can be installed easily. The gas bottle needed to provide energy can be stored within the table itself. It ensures the bottle and all the piping remain out of sight. This design prevents any trip hazard. You can use 5 kg gas bottle which you have to arrange separately and is not included with the main table when you buy it.

Weatherproof Design

The table is designed for outdoor use so the manufacturer has taken great care to make a product that will not rot, decay or rust in the outdoor areas. You can leave this table in the open all year round. At the same time, cover it when not in use to ensure an extra level of protection and extend its lifetime. The product comes with five years of manufacturer's warranty. With the product, you receive the main fire pit table, one wind guard, one cover and seven KG of crushed glass.

Before buying this table, make sure you have planned the installation space for it. Take into account the seating arrangement around the table and any other features that may be needed to ensure its proper installation and use. Read the installation, use and maintenance instructions carefully before using it. Follow the safety precautions strictly to avoid any accidents.